On the first of July, the world witnessed the largest change of democratic leadership, across 36000 towns and cities in 200 countries. On that day Rotary Club Presidents and officers, Assistant Governors, District Governors and of course the Rotary International President took office. These are People of Action on an exciting journey.
It is apt that July is Rotary Leadership Month. A time to focus on the leadership not only in our District and Clubs but also how we as Rotarians can take leadership roles in our communities. Our International President, Holger Knaack has provided us with this year’s theme “Rotary Opens Opportunities”. He says as Rotarians we are blessed to be able to take on leadership roles. Everything we do opens another opportunity to someone, somewhere in the world.
We are fortunate in District 9930 that we have talented people who give their time to promote the many programmes that make Rotary relevant. Our work in the District with youth, community and international projects expand our reach, to make a difference in people’s lives. In support of these programmes, are the many trainers, membership and public image champions in our Clubs and at District level.
Leadership in Rotary doesn’t stop there. As individual Rotarians, we can benefit from the learning opportunities provided through courses now available in the Learning Centre of Rotary Club Central, for leadership development and public speaking in conjunction with Toastmasters International.
I urge you to make the most of what Rotary has to offer and challenge yourselves.
Joining me in this photo are Mike Smith President of the Rotary Club of Ahuriri and District Governor Elect Ross Pinkham