In a somewhat unique moment, the Greenmeadows Rotary Club in Napier recently had four people join on one night when a few weeks of lockdown dropped to a lower level allowing such activity.
However, an interesting feature was the family connections and the international aspects of the inductions.
First up was Lynne Gibson who had previously belonged to the Napier club but recently transferred to join her daughter at Greenmeadows.  However, it must be noted that Lynne’s late husband had previously belonged to Green-meadows for a good number of years and daughter Hayley had joined him there some time back.   As a side issue, Hayley is a fourth-generation Rotarian for as well as Lynne’s late husband being a Rotarian so to were her father and grandfather!
Next up was Natalya Latysheva who came to New Zealand from Russia some 17 years ago.   Initially living at Dunedin she moved north to Napier a couple of years back.  Looking for an interest in the community she had noticed the Greenmeadows social media presence, followed the leads, made contact and walked in the door on a meeting night.
Next up was Jinice Bautista-Lack, originally from the Philippines but who had lived in Singapore for some time and is a Doctor in Audiology.    She made her way to New Zealand where she met up with New Zealander Hamish Lack – in somewhat unusual circumstances.   She was trying to fuel her car when she could not find any staff on the forecourt to assist her – as they did at home.  Local man Hamish Lack stepped up - and it was “love at first fuelling.”  The car was filled and now they are married!   Hamish builds rowing boats – fast ones.
Also looking for a “community interest” Jinice happened to be mention that to a Rotarian patient whose ears she was tending to and (as soon as he could hear her talking) he made the necessary connection!  In a roundabout way, this multiple inductions linked four members, four generations and demonstrated the true internationality of Rotary – as well as helping each other.
The photograph shows Hamish and Jinice standing on either side of the club banner, with Natalya on the extreme left and Lynne on the right