Malcolm introduced our Guest Speaker, fellow Rotarian Ken Haines from the JR McKenzie Youth Education Fund
J.R. McKenzie established the Trust in 1938 as the owner of the McKenzie retail chain and as a Rotarian. The Trust was/is funded by property and farming and administered by Rotarians. 
The Objects of the Trust are in favour of the betterment of children’s education and welfare.
The money granted by the Trust is for school uniforms, clothing, footwear, spectacles, hearing aids, Epi-pens, camps, subject fees, transport costs, textbooks, stationery, phycological testing. 
The Trust does not cover school fees, school trips, electronic items.
Every year District 9930 receives about $70,000 to disburse to Rotary Clubs, Health Nurses, Budget Services, Medical professionals, Schools, NGOs, Social Services, and NZ Police.  Amounts up to $300 per child are approved by the local Rotary Clubs and over $300 is considered on a case-by-case basis. Payments are not made to the beneficiary but to the agency applying on behalf.
In the case of Ahuriri Sunrise, applications could be considered from Te Awa  School, and Peter Edmead and Ken Haines will follow this up with the school via Tim Van Zyl. Such an application  would be considered for approval in HB and payment made to the school  headmaster