Welcome to 2018.
Whilst we are all winding up slowly to this wonderful new year of 2018 why not take a moment or two to give your club an online checkup?
This is an easily filled out questionnaire which can be completed quickly and then emailed to someone, you think, will take your thoughts on board and will "Make a Real Difference" to your club.

Just as routine doctor’s visits help us identify health risks before they become serious, a club health check can diagnose problem areas and prescribe remedies. 

By using this health check, you’re taking a step to maintain your club’s health and preserve its value for members and the community. 

Place a checkmark in the boxes next to the statements you consider to be true. 
After you have checkmarked the boxes print it out,
Then give it to your Rotary Club President or Champion.
Note: You must print it out as the Health Check is in a pdf format which cannot be saved.