Extracts from articles by Bill Robson, Rotary Coordinator, Zone 24 West.
There are several tools to help with diversity, finding new members, retention and enhancing the club experience.
Check them out here: Membership Assessment Tools https://my.rotary.org/document/membershipassessment-tools
In addition, there have been many changes recently regarding what constitutes a club and what constitutes a meeting. Here are some FAQ’s to help clarify these items. https://my.rotary.org/en/club-flexibility-faq … I know I am “preaching” to the choir, but we all need to be reminded at times that in order to “Grow Rotary” we must work in harmony.
Membership drives Foundation which drives projects and programs which drives Public Image which drives membership etc. etc. etc. (to quote from The King and I”). To make this work we MUST: · Assess our clubs · Engage current members · Connect with prospective members · Follow up on our membership leads · Make new members feel welcome · Find ideas to strengthen your club · Stay current ·
‘ROTARY TRADITIONS’ Does your club have its own traditions? Many do! Over the years, traditions develop, mutate and sometimes disappear altogether. Does your club sing, do you recite the Four Way Test or the Pledge of Allegiance? Do you have a prayer or a thought for the day or even a Rotary Moment? Have Sergeant’s session … Traditions can be flexible, sometimes fleeting and even on occasion a hindrance. Be aware of your club’s makeup and don’t let them become a hindrance to new members. The Rotary Club of Crawley in Western Australia, whose membership is one of the fastest-growing and most diverse. They no longer sing the national anthem or fine their members. Some tradition is important, but too much time spent on these rituals may prevent a younger member from feeling at home in your club.