Membership Mentors

Selecting Mentors
Mentoring is an effective way to promote a new member's involvement in our club. The person chosen as a mentor is to be an ongoing Rotary resource and source of support for the new member.
The following are the considerations in choosing a mentor:
  •  high level of knowledge and interest about the club and Rotary
  •  willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to help the new member fully participate in the club
  • common interest with the new member (hobbies, interests, profession)
Mentor’s Responsibilities
Mentors are chosen before a new member is inducted and should attend the induction, be a part of the ceremony, and publicly state their dedication to the new member’s success in the club.
Mentors should be actively engaged with a new member.  If the club has a "New Member Checklist" and/or a New Member ribbon/badge, then the mentor should assist the member in completing those items.
The following are also important mentoring responsibilities..
  • Monitor the new member’s comfort level and involvement in the club through periodic personal meetings.
  • Accompany the new member to club meetings on occasion.
  • Introduce the new member to every club member.
  • Explain the various club committees and suggest a committee assignment that is compatible with the new member’s interests, if possible.
  • Inform the new member about special meetings and Rotary social events held throughout the year. Attend as many of these events as possible, and act as an informal host to the new member and the member’s family, introducing them to other club members and making them feel at home.
  • Ensure that the new member understands all club rules, including the attendance requirement and options.
  • Monitor the new member’s attendance. Suggest make-up alternatives, when necessary, and accompany new members to meeting make-ups, if possible.
  • Be readily available to answer questions and provide advice or guidance if asked.
Family Involvement
Because participating in Rotary activities often conflicts with family time, mentors should encourage new members to inform their family members about Rotary and help them to understand the responsibilities and benefits of membership.
Mentors should inform new members of appropriate ways in which their families can become involved in our club’s activities such as the following:
  • Invite family members to attend a Rotary club meeting.
  • Invite family to participate in various club service projects and social activities.
  • Encourage the spouse/partner (and children, when permitted and appropriate) to attend the District Conference and the Rotary International Convention.
  • Encourage their children who meet the age requirement to join an Interact club (ages14-18) or Rotaract club (ages 18-30).
  • Encourage the spouse/partner to consider joining Rotary also.
Mentoring Resources
Present the following items to new members, and review the materials with them:
  • Welcome to Rotary Brochure
  • Club Information for New Members
  • New member Inventory of Interests Form
  • New Member/Mentor Information Form
  • New Member Checklist Form
Note:  Both the mentor and new member should keep a copy of the completed forms.