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Here is the March Newsletter from our very busy District Governor Graham Jull
March Message from Our District Governor Graham Jull
Rotary District 9930 2019 Conference registrations.
Registration is now open for the 2019 District 9930 Conference, this annual conference is for everyone in the Rotary family!
Join us to learn, share, be inspired, and have fun.
Register online at:
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A Note From the Editor
Just a note about the District Conference this year.
I have been putting in website articles about District Conferences since 2015. I attend conferences mainly when there is a line up of guest speakers deserving of my time and money.
This year Conference seems to have the best group of guest speakers I have seen for a very long time.
Rotary Gisborne Sponsors an Outward Bound Experience
Guest Speaker – Sinead Nolan talked about her Outward Bound experience which the club assisted.
Sinead thanked the members for the support the club gave her. It was a life changing experience.
The first day there were no phones or technology so made lots of friends, Went sailing first off which was amazing but the second day they ran into a storm and we were going backwards even when all rowing so they had emergency tow for three hours.
They did a lot of PT which the instructors dubbed Party Time. They were up at 6am and on the yard at 6.30. They had to be very time conscious because if they were even 1 second late they got a double dose of PT. 
Three students Whakatane Rotary Sponsored to Attend the Science and Technology Forum
Our guest speakers were the three students we sponsored to attend the Science and Technology Forum at AUT in Auckland.  
Each student has emerged with a better understanding of the courses they wish to pursue further education.  Photographed with Stephanie are Finn, Linette and Jada. 
Linette – Thanked our Club for the amazing opportunity.  On 12 January they flew to Auckland and met up with 167 other high achieving students from around the country.  They had a busy schedule for the two weeks.  They were put in six teams of different colours.  
Movie Night with  Whakatane Rotary
Get Off Your Rotary Ask
Just recently one of our seniors, well respected Rotarian, reminded me of this adage – why don’t we just get off our ASK and ASK people to join our clubs?
This has worked surprisingly well in the past and present-day Rotarians have all sorts of reasons not to ask others to join us. I am too old, I have no business contacts anymore, I have asked all my friends – everything except the dog ate my homework. Sorry that last one was from a previous life.
Yet, most likely, that is how we were introduced to Rotary. We all still have contacts – the local pharmacist, our family members, our children’s friends, the GP – the list goes on. It seems so simple, why don’t we do it? 
Article by RC PDG Tim Moore
Balloons over Waikato with Rotary Waikato Sunrise
Aaron Keaney, the President of Waikato Sunrise spoke this evening about Balloons over Waikato project and asked for support from members to assist with the various tasks that have to be undertaken to make an event of this size achievable. 
If you are able to help on any of the days 19-23 March, please make contact with Aaron.  Over 80,000 people attended last years event.
Aaron Keaney, President Waikato Sunrise
H: 211472827
Rotary Polio News February 2019
Become a Rotary Heath Hero Today
Become a Heath Hero Today
A RFHA Health Hero shares our mission for saving and improving lives around the world.
FREE Membership includes access to the latest updates and success stories of our team's efforts throughout Africa and India, as well as a Printable Membership Certificate and Recognition on our website.
Rotary Spreading Peace Through Scholarships
I am pleased to announce that we have a successful candidate for the Georgia Rotary Student Program for 2019;
Isla Evans, sponsored by the RC of Otumoetai.
Isla will join 90 students from around the world, spending one academic year at a Georgia university in the USA while being hosted during the holidays by a local family.
The scholarship is inclusive of all academic and accommodation costs. A truly amazing opportunity open to any 18-25-year-old undergraduate or pre-uni student from your community.
I’ll let Isla introduce herself:
I’m Isla Evans, a 19-year-old university student about to start my second year studying a bachelor of communications at Auckland University of Technology. Before University, 
Rotary Corporate Membership for D9930
In discussion with clubs in some of our outer rural areas, the word corporate membership brings up a blank look because “we have no corporates here “.
But to borrow a term from Shakespeare – to be or not to be – surely the word corporate could be substituted with the word business or organisation. Every town or city has businesses that provide services to the community, so why not look at the so-called Corporate Membership Model simply as a template for another form of membership for your club.
Many clubs use this model for successfully introducing people into the world of Rotary – a try before you buy if you like – it is then up to the club to meet the expectations of a business member to successfully transfer them to individual membership. I have borrowed some successful guidelines as examples.
We Need More "Rotary Days".
An Exciting New member for Ahuriri Sunrise Rotary
David introduced the Speaker, our newest member Milena Bertu.  
Mia gave us a fascinating account of her life and explained how she came to end up in New Zealand via Latvia, Russia, Portugal and Luxembourg. During the process, she worked as an actress, dancer, market stall holder (sometimes in temperatures around -20!), graphic designer, a casino worker and ran a variety of bars, bistros and disco, experiencing the whole range of hospitality functions.

She totally believes all life experiences are invaluable and this is the basis of her current profession - she has recently become a qualified life coach here in the Bay.“
Rotary Membership Statistics
Convention News - Latest Update 2019

We’re excited you’re joining us at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany, 1-5 June. This issue of Convention News contains important program updates to help you plan your convention experience. We have our first group of speakers!

Meet Rotary Pakistan’s Virus Hunter
Doctor Ujala Nayyar dreams, both figuratively and literally, about a world that is free from polio.
Nayyar, the World Health Organization's surveillance officer in Pakistan’s Punjab province, says she often imagines the outcome of her work in her sleep.
In her waking life, she leads a team of health workers who crisscross Punjab to hunt down every potential incidence of poliovirus, testing sewage and investigating any reports of paralysis that might be polio.
Passing of June Ross

It was reported in the BOP Times today that June Ross (wife of PDG Jim Ross) passed away on 6 February from her home in Christchurch. While a member of Tokoroa Club Jim Ross was District Governor of 993 in 1989 - 90 and he retired to Tauranga two years later and joined Tauranga Te Papa. He was a member of that club until he died.

In spite of her age, June was one of the more active wives the club had and certainly liked by everyone - a lovely person. June moved to Christchurch on the death of PDG Jim to be with her children.

Women in Rotary

Margaret’s Rotary Minute (Kawerau Rotary) - Women in Rotary - From Rotary Oceania Facebook Page

“Women have always had an influence in Rotary right from the contribution of Jean Thompson, Rotary's Founder Paul Harris's wife, who is often stated as being "the power behind the Rotary 'throne' ".  

2019 marks 30 years since Rotary International formerly enabled women to join Rotary as Rotarians. Since then the direct contribution of women in Rotary has soared and is today pronounced.

Through the Rotary Oceania Facebook page and website over the next few months, we would like to recognize the work that Rotary women throughout NZ and the Pacific do publicly and behind the scenes. This is a great opportunity to highlight women in your Clubs and Districts who have gone above and beyond the call of Service above Self. We are wanting to know those really special women and to thank them for being part of our Rotary family.

First Rotary Youth Exchange Student to go to Argentinia
Jane was the first RYE Student to go to Argentina in 1975. She was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Havelock North and was mentored by Rotarian George Pacey.
What an experience she had, quite different from today.
She was hosted by a family in Rafaela with a family who lived behind their stationery store in a one bedroom flat.
Aged 17 she flew unaccompanied to Argentina and attended a private Catholic girls school.
Her host sister Liliana exchanged with her to Havelock North.
Times were very difficult for Jane, not knowing the language and living with a family who did not speak English.
She slept on a bed while her hosts sisters slept on the floor. 
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue from District Governor Graham. Don’t forget that the District website is fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
Editor Max Patmoy (
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