Here is the September District Newsletter from our inspired District Governor Graham Jull
September Thoughts From District Governor Graham Jull
From the pen of District Governor Graham Jull:
Greetings fellow Rotarians and welcome to Spring.
We are now starting the third month of the 2018-19 Rotary year.
The month of September is Basic Education and Literacy Month.
Already, Elizabeth and I have been able to visit 24 clubs of the 51 in our great district. We have been overwhelmed by the welcomes we have received and the special functions that have been organised for our visits. This is indeed the highlight of the Governor's year.
Regardless of the varying sizes of the clubs, we are impressed by the range of projects and support all clubs are providing for their communities and the strong support for the Rotary Foundation and our humanitarian projects overseas.
All About Them Days (for Girls)
The Rotary Predator Trap Project
Rotary  Whakatane's  guest speakers were club member and birthday boy Craig and his partner Bridget (“the Palmers”) who gave us an update and tag-team presentation on the Rotary Predator Trap Project. 
The project came about when the inspirational idea to try and get hold of stoat traps from a local supplier aligned with the Menz Shed group looking for something to do.  Stoats are the number one predator of Kiwi chicks.  It took about a year to put things together, but the project is going very well now.  
The traps are built by Menz Shed using local suppliers for the materials and are delivered to your door.  The funds raised go to support local youth environmental initiatives and environmental education.  
Rotary Vacancy on District Committee for Rotary Australia - New Zealand Student Exchange.
A job vacancy exists in the youth area for a dedicated Rotarian.
Rotary Australia, New Zealand Student Exchange needs a Deputy Chair.
The Rotarian needed should live in our northern region around Hamilton/Rotorua.
This youth exchange is sometimes called the "matched twin exchange"  The committee administers the programme of matched exchanges with secondary school students from our District, between the ages of 13 1/2 and 16 years on 1 January of the participating year, and compatible Australian students. 
Hello From Canada
Hello from Canada. 
We are coming to NZ in Feb and March of 2019 and would love to hook up with fellow Rotarians from NZ who would host us.  We have set up a couple home exchanges and a time share but would like to create contact with any Rotarian who would host us in order to help us experience their local communities.
Our intention is to start at the south end of the South Island and work our way northward through the North Island. We have previously participated in hosting International Rotarian visitors and know that this is an excellent way to truly learn about a community and mix with the locals.
If this ispossible at all, please drop us an email and we can be more specific on dates and locations. 
Patrick WEBB & Colleen FENNELL
Rotary Club of Salmon Arm,
British Columbia, Canada
Rotary Fairfield Plan Annual Fun Cycle Ride 
Rototuna Rotary is planning an Annual Fun Cycle Ride from Ngaruawahia to the Hamilton Gardens.
The project has secured Sarah Ulmer as a mentor.
Rototuna Club is keen to have Fairfield involvement in this project as a joint fundraising project. It is important that we avail ourselves of this opportunity as it is critical that we develop new fundraising opportunities for our club. To this end several of our members have volunteered to attend the Rototuna Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday 21st August as this meeting is to be devoted to preliminary planning for this fundraising event. 
Naperville Rotary Ride
Rotary Ahuriri Sunrise's Apple of Friendship
Glenn Roberts– Membership Committee.
As a result of a recent Committee meeting, Glenn asked if anyone know where the ‘Apple of friendship’ was as they wanted to implement it again?
Peter Graham owned up to having had it for some zonks!
The idea of the  Apple is quite simply that …the person with it must take someone out for a coffee/wine/food.
The apple is them passed on to that person who repeats the process. Hence, the Apple of Friendship.
Rotary Havelock North  Help Kiwis for Kiwis
This week Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Havelock North assisted other volunteers to help clear the undergrowth from the kiwi runs at the Wild Solutions Wildlife Habitat at Westshore.
This was in response to a request for help from Tamsin Ward-Smith of the Kiwis for Kiwi Project. 
Rotary Gisborne Goes to the Movies
Guest Speaker – David Hall talked about the Odeon Theatre complex.
Raey Wheeler passed away 3 years ago and even though she was 85 had not made any provision for someone to take over running the theatre.
The trustees asked David to take over for 3 months and he is still thee 3½ yrs later.
The Kerridges who originally started the theatre lived in Gisborne. Raey started off working for them and worked in the four theatres. 
Georgia Rotary Student Programme
World Class (60 students) of 2017
Does your club want to promote Rotary and offer a young person from your town the opportunity of a lifetime?
Taumarunui Rotary Hear About their Township Revitalisation
Peter T stood and introduced Karen Ngatai who spoke to us on township revitalisation.  Peter expressed his appreciation for the current works conducted by RDC. 
Karen's first association with Rotary started when she served meals at Cobb & Co. 
There are two revitalisations going on - RDC and taskforce.  
The taskforce initiatives started with Karen's five years getting permission from agencies including NZ Rail in readiness for the rhododendrons. 
The Lines Company paid for three years of mowing around the rhodos.  NZTA has picked up part of this sponsorship.
 A volunteer mows the rest. 
Climbing to Everest Base Camp as told to Rotary Morrinsville
On Monday Evening Jon Summers spoke of his trip to Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar earlier this year.
Jon and his mate Peter trained for this rip by running and walking up and down Mt Te Aroha, climbing Mt Taranaki and doing the Tongariro Crossing.
Middle Age Spread Anyone?
Invite Members to Experience the 2019 Rotary Convention!
Youngest Rotary President to See the Sun?
At the recent “Changeover” of Presidents at the Ahuriri Sunrise Rotary Club in Napier, NZ, Katherine Dunstall was installed as president for the 2018 – 2019 Rotary year. 
Katherine is a third generation Rotarian – her father and grandfather preceded her into Rotary, and a fourth generation funeral director, being preceded there be her great-grandfather as well as the aforementioned.
With a little over two years in Rotary and having just turned 25 years of age, the club speculated that she was perhaps the youngest Rotary President in New Zealand.
Can You Help Crystal?
Hello, I am a 19-year-old second year nursing student from Hamilton.
I am going to Nepal for three weeks in January 2019 to volunteer in both a hospital and a children's home in Pokhara. This will be an amazing opportunity for me to help those in need and make a difference in the lives of impoverished children.
I am caring, empathetic, hardworking and can't wait to do what I can to help the people in Nepal while also experiencing a new culture and a less privileged way of living.
Do you offer any scholarships, sponsoring, or funding for volunteer work like this?
Kind regards, Crystal Singleton 
What is Rotary? Is it a "you-know-what"?
Rotary Taradale is All-A-Fire
Hanlie introduced Natasha Brown, who is a specialist fire investigator who commenced her career as a volunteer fireman at BayView. 
Natasha listed many facts which affect all homes in NZ: 
1. Most fires occur when people are sleeping – therefore a final “fire-safe” check before going to bed is recommended.
2. People with “low-mobility” crutches or wheelchairs need an unobstructed exit path in the event of having to move outside to safety. 3. Many homes leave keys on the inside of the exit door so there is no fumbling in the dark for keys if a quick exit is called for.  
4. Modern homes and furnishings are made from products which are more flammable and give off more poisonous smoke than ever before – Two to Three minutes is all it takes to lose your home and family to fire.
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue for District Governor Graham. Don’t forget that the District website is now fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
Editor Max Patmoy (
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