Dear Rotarian,
Here is the December Newsletter from our District Governor and Santa Kevin Forgeson.
A  Message From Our Jovial District Governor
Merry Rotary Christmas
From the website team, Ralph, Gavin, Sheena, Jessie, Janine and Max
Papamoa Rotary Induct Four New Members
Because last evening was something very special as well –
welcome to our four new members to our club
– Mark Huston, Juliana Carvalho, Suzi Gambitsis and Maree Maxfield.
And of course, their partners where appropriate.
Taradale Rotary and the Dobel Reserve
Over the last few weeks, the team from Taradale Rotary were very busy in the Dolbel Reserve:
In addition to using their weedeaters to cut the long grass, removing weeds and applying mulch to this year’s plantings,
the team put their wood working skills to great use.
Rotarians Have Big Hearts
Hawke's Bay Rotarians go to the Movies
Nearly 100 Rotarians and friends joined to see the Hawke's Bay premier of The Lost King.
The venue was the Reading Cinema, Napier and the movie was very well received by everyone.
The Search for Richard III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones. It is a dramatisation of the story of Philippa Langley, the woman who initiated the search to find King Richard III's remains under a car park in Leicester.
The evening raised over $1,600 for the elimination of polio worldwide. Proceeds will be forwarded to the District 9930 Rotary Foundation in the name of all the Rotary Clubs in Hastings and Napier.
Rotary Shelter Opened
Representatives from Rotary, Ruapehu District Council, Manawa Energy and friends
gathered for the official opening of the new shelter at the Taumarunui Domain Playground. 
The playground was opened by Councillor Lyn Neeson.
Gisborne Rotary Explains Santa
The origins of Santa Claus:
Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Sinterklaas, Kris Kringle or just plain Santa.
You might know that the idea of Santa Claus dates back to Saint Nicholas who was bishop of Myra in Turkey in the 4th century, but that is only a small part of the story.
It is far more complicated than you think! Here goes:
Rotary Peace Fellowships Impact Thousands
Alejandra Rueda

By Alejandra Rueda, 2008-10 Rotary Peace Fellow, University of Berkeley

When I became a Rotary Peace Fellow in 2008, the presidential theme was Make Dreams Real. My dream was to support the Colombian countryside by improving the quality of life of farmers and, in turn, to achieve a more responsible use of nature and the ecosystem services it provides. I also wanted to help resolve the social conflict that Colombia has experienced. Or at the very least, to contribute to the development of projects that would spur economic and social recovery in areas that sorely needed it.

Matamata Rotary Interact on Christmas Float
Fantastic effort by Maz and the team to put together a float for the Santa Parade.
It looked awesome and great to have that Rotary visual out there.
Awesome to see the Matamata Interactors taking part as well. A great team effort.
Well done!!!
Wrotary Kawerau Konnects with Life, and a Knew Member
Melbourne: A Capital Destination Says Rotary
Melbourne, host city of the 2023 Rotary International Convention, is an Australian capital in every sense of the word. 
Rotary's Polio Success in Numbers

  POLIO NEWS                                        OCTOBER 2022



The Rotary Elephant in the Room
A most enjoyable Artex sponsors’ evening was held last Wednesday night at Elephant Hill Winery.
Forty plus Rotarians and partners, two participating artists,
plus representatives from Harcourts, Redshaw Homes, EIT, Pan Pac, Elephant Hill Wines
and Hawke’s Bay Surf Life Saving were welcomed by President Helen. 
Rotary Conference 2023
Rotary Listens to Polio Survivor
 I contracted polio as an 11-month-old baby living in Coventry.
The disease left me with a one-inch length difference between my left and right legs, and very restricted movement in my left foot.
I was relatively fortunate as others were more severely paralysed, some relying on iron lungs to breathe at all.
Three years after I contracted the disease, a vaccine was introduced that lifted the fear of parents that their children would face the same risks.
Cases quickly fell away and the last natural polio infection in the UK happened in 1984.
December Is Rotary Desease Prevention and Treatment Month
Rotarians from Ten Pounders
Participate in Rotary Friendship Exchange
You can experience new cultures, expand your global understanding, and immerse yourself in travel and service opportunities while building lifelong friendships through Rotary Friendship Exchange.
Every year, we offer the Rotary Friendship Exchange Photo Award as an opportunity for participants to share images from their recent experiences with the program. This year’s theme was reimagining Rotary Friendship Exchange.
Congratulations to Districts 9210 (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Northern Mozambique) and 7010 (Ontario, Canada) for being selected as the winners. If you’re interested in participating, learn how to get started with Friendship Exchange.
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue from District Governor Kevin. Don’t forget that the District website is fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
Editor Max Patmoy (
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