Here is the June, and sadly last, newsletter from your District Governor Leonie Tisch.
JUNE is Rotary Fellowship month – As the days get shorter and cooler, what better time than to have some fun Club fellowship – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Club organised outings to the movies or a show, After 5 drinks, or just an evening around a roaring open fire (does anyone still have these?).  Rotary is part of our leisure time so it is important to remember that if we are not having FUN, then why do we belong to Rotary?  It is through fellowship that we get to know one another better and to enjoy doing things together.
Due to a family bereavement, I asked District Governor Elect Graham Jull to write last month’s District Governor report, thank you, Graham. This was a great opportunity for Graham to inform you about the 2018-2019 Rotary theme "Be the Inspiration".
Green Fingered District Governor Still Planting Trees
Over one hundred members and helpers from all of the five Napier Rotary Clubs turned up at West Shore last Sunday on a very variable day in a combined Rotary Club effort to help plant over 347 trees and shrubs to beautify the pathway and show Rotary’s positive action to help minimise global warming.  
Mayor Dalton (pictured shoveling!) was there to help along with District Governor Leonie Tisch and the work got well underway after past Mayor Barbara Arnott gave some history of the pathway (it was under Barbara’s term as Mayor that the pathway project was initiated). 
Happy Birthday Wairoa
Taradale Rotary Have a Bragato Exchange Student
Alex Peter, 14th Annual Bragato Exchange Student.
Alex is the 14th EIT student to benefit from the Bragato exchange programme. The scheme’s founder Kevyn Moore, a former president of the New Zealand Grape Growers Association, says she made a very favourable impression in Italy, where she visited wineries, vineyards and the School of Viticulture and Oenology in Conegliano.  For her part, Alex says she had a great time, with each of her hosts offering a different snapshot of the Italian wine industry and culture.  
The exchange scheme is named after Romeo Bragato, the legendary viticulturist who, after training at the Conegliano school more than a century ago, went on to recognise New Zealand’s potential for winegrowing. After meeting some visiting Italian winemakers in 1999, Kevyn, with wife Corinne, was asked to talk to Conegliano students about Bragato at the premier viticultural school’s 125th jubilee.  
Otumoetai Rotary Listens to Jacqueline van der Velden
Jacqueline van der Velden
Jacqueline, pictured above with RYLA District Committee member Carmen Goodwin, was our guest speaker this week.  She shared her story with us as to who she was before entering RYLA, her highlights at RYLA, and after RYLA coming back to work with valuable leadership and life skills.
Rotary's Polio Eradication "The Last Push"
After a disappointing start to the year, as of 22nd May, the world has gone over 11 weeks without a case of polio.
The total number of cases this year is 8.
It is possible that the case seen in Pakistan on 8 March (their only case this year) will be the last the world will ever see. I doubt it but it is possible. That’s how close we are to eradicating polio.
It will be several years after the last case before the world can be sure that the virus has really gone. It may be lurking in waterways, or be being carried by people who are not sick. For every case of polio, there will be several hundred infected people not showing any symptoms.
So, we need to continue to hunt for the virus and vaccinate children until the World Health Organization declares polio eradicated. The final push is expensive, very expensive.
Georgia Rotary Student Programme
It’s that time of year again.
Georgia Rotary Student Programme applications for the 2019-20 (US) academic year open in June and close 1 October.
This is an amazing programme, students get a full scholarship for one year at a college or university in that state, funded by the Rotary clubs of Georgia USA. It includes tuition, books, meals, and accommodation in a university hostel. Students will have a host family for the holiday periods.
Cambridge Rotary Hosts Charity Dinner and Auction

Rotary Cambridge will host a Charity Dinner and Auction on Friday, 15 June 2018 at the Sir Don Rowlands Centre, Mighty River Domain.  Titled “Moving Mountains – The Power of Positive Values”

District Governor Nominee Shares Some Thoughts
Worldwide there are 1.2 million Rotary members. This number is static but NZ has fallen by 15%, consistent with the western world.        
Some reasons for this decrease in NZ are :
1. More established clubs are more set in their ways.
2. Not seen as relevant to younger generations.
3. Only 21% of members are female
4. 72% are over the age of 60
5. 40% leakage within 5years of induction
6. Few “new clubs”  are being charted
7. 80% of clubs have evening meetings  
So what can we do about these negative statistics?
Tips -
 Make it fun
 Make it meaningful
 Recognise achievements.
Taumarunui Rotary Tree Planting in Sawmillers' Grove
11 members turned out on a beautiful evening to clear weeds and plant 40 seedlings in a bare area of the "Sawmiller's grove".
This grove is a genetically significant piece of bush, and a beautiful area close to town - suitable for walks and picnics. These seedlings were all taken from seeds/seedlings gathered from the grove - transplanted and grown on and replanted where they were needed.
Previous consultation with DOC and council had taken place to ensure all parties were on the same page and that the right plants were grown for the area. This project to be repeated regularly to enhance this amazing piece of bush in the town. The work was followed by a social fish and chip dinner on the reserve.
Greenmeadows Rotary Pack Books for Papua New Guinea
Last week a keen team comprising Kevin, Brian, Bill, Wim, Neil, Robert, Garth and Peter T packed up the books for this year’s shipment to PNG. Photos courtesy of Peter. 
Rotaract Club Serves Ugandan Refugee Settlement
After fleeing conflict in their own countries, a group of young Rotaractors is healing wounds and bringing cultures together in a Ugandan refugee settlement. Established in late 2016, and officially inaugurated last July, the Rotaract Club of Nakivale may be the first Rotaract club based inside a refugee settlement or camp.
Greenmeadows Rotary Listen to Three RYPEN Students
Mika, Tyler, and Sidney all spoke on their experience attending the 2018 RYPEN weekend at Guthrie Smith Outdoor Education Centre.
They were all apprehensive about attending the course at first but all were pleased they went and made comments such as “best trip I have ever been on”, “lucky to have been chosen”, “all the students were very friendly”, “made many new friends”, “very grateful for the opportunity”, “shared life story with roommates”, “encouraged not to give up”, “wouldn’t have been possible without the clubs sponsorship”.  
Brian Hall in his vote of thanks commented that the course would have helped given the students confidence to make their presentation.  Mark congratulated the students on their presentation acknowledging that it was not easy to stand in front of 70 mostly strangers and speak as well as they had. Their talk along with the power point presentation playing during the meeting provided great feedback to the club on the benefits of this programme and reinforced the amazing work Larry and Chris do in running the course. 
Latest Rotary Shelterbox News

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Rotary District 9930 Changeover


Rotary Club of Te Awamutu invites you to attend

District 9930 Changeover 2018

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Te Awamutu Rotary's Book Fair
The Te Awamutu Book Fair is back! 

Beta Electrical Building, Sloane Street, Te Awamutu.
Tuesday to Friday 9AM - 5PM 5th to 9th June
Saturday $10 a Box Day - 10AM - 2PM
Keep your club YOUNG, get excitement into your meetings, sponsor a RANZSE student
Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE).
RANZSE the "twin matched" student exchange is now looking for 2018 students.
RANZSE – what makes us different than the Rotary Youth Exchange?

Briefly: the students are younger – aged 13.5 to 16 on January 1st of the year of participation. The exchange is shorter – the students spend 6 months together - 3 months with each family.
I’ve heard Rotary club members say that they’d love to have a Rotary Exchange student in their club, but the club members are too old or too busy to host a student – well, here is the student exchange for you!
Rotary Convention ~ Inspiration Around Every Corner
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue for District Governor Leonie. Don’t forget that the new District website is now fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
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