Dear Rotarian,
Here is the February Newsletter from our Reinvigorated District Governor Graham Jull
February Message from Our District Governor Graham Jull
From the pen of District Governor Graham Jull:
Like the rising sun from my window in Te Awamutu
on February 1,
Rotary continues to “Be the Inspiration.”
Greetings fellow Rotarians.
Rotary Rotorua North has their Educational Awards Night
Tonight was our educational awards night and it was a pleasure to welcome our students and their families.  
Hayley and her team have once again done a fantastic job interviewing the applicants, making the selection and organising the night. 
This will be the 15th year of these awards and it was our pleasure to assist Kira Whareaitu, Kymbali Dender, Kacy Sander and Marina McGarvey in their tertiary education journey.
Rotary Kawerau help Farming Like Grandad
Sunday 27th January
--- Farming Like Grandad – SH30 ---
Helping with Parking and taking money at the gate. 9 am for the safety briefing.  High Viz tops required.  
Names to President Harry and/or Tracy, please. 
Invite Members to Experience the 2019 Rotary Convention!
Rotary Otumoetai getting with the Beat
Carmen gave an update on preparations for the Beatgirls evening.  The theme will be 1940's, swing, Big Band dance, and V day celebrations.  
The photo (right) has been selected as the image to promote the event.  
It will take place at Classic Flyers, in the hangar, with spotlights on the aircraft. Carmen outlined the income and expenses of the event and the potential profit of plus/minus $20000 which is dependent upon sales.
The tickets will be sold through an intermediary company, with some held back for sponsors.   
Rotary Clubs Reap Benefits From Fexibility Options

2019-20 Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney is urging leaders to grow Rotary by creating new Rotary and Rotaract clubs that take advantage of innovative membership models.

In his speech to incoming leaders at the annual training event in San Diego, California, USA, Monday, Maloney said “The first emphasis is to grow Rotary — to grow our service, to grow the impact of our projects, but most importantly, to grow our membership so that we can achieve more."

Napier Rotarian Wins Radio award
At the Radio Kidnappers Awards Ceremony in Napier, end of 2018, Ahuriri Sunrise Rotarian Lynne Trafford was honoured to receive the award for Outstanding Contribution to Radio Kidnappers 2018.
During the year Lynne did interviews with Polio Chair Michelle Tanner, District Governor Graham Jull and District Governor Nominee Grant Spackman. Their interviews can be heard here:
Rotary Wheels is broadcast every Monday at 10:05am  104.7 FM, 1431 AM, and live at
Emergency Response Kits – Plea for Ongoing Support from D9930 Rotary Clubs
District Governor Graham supports our plea for each club to consider donating to the ERKs project this year if not already done so, and to see Emergency Response Kits as a worthy annual project to receive ongoing support by funding at least one ERK to be assembled and distributed – current cost NZ$600.00 per ERK.
Emergency Response Kits are the only Rotary New Zealand Humanitarian service project responding to disasters in the Pacific, mostly to countries that are a part of New Zealand Rotary.
Rotary New Zealand World Community Service Limited manages and coordinates the programme.
More than 90% of all donations are spent in New Zealand with a smaller amount in Pacific countries to cover expenses incurred by in-country Rotary Clubs. Rotary New Zealand does not pay any commissions or royalties.
How are things going in Tanzania?
Kondiki Project – Tanzania                                                                        31/12/1018
On numerous occasions, I am asked: “How are things going in Tanzania, Geoff?”
This project has been in our focus for 10 yrs now and with MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade)  approval they have given us an extension for six months (June 2019) to tidy up a few loose ends.
For the  benefit of new members in Rotary let me step back to 2008 when I was District Governor in our District (D9930). I developed a simple biogas digester (cow manure in one end – gas out the other end) to be used within the village of Mwika on the foothills of Kilimanjaro – Tanzania.
District Vacancies ~ just click


Dear Rotarians:

I am starting to bring together the various District Teams for the next Rotary Year (starting 1st July 2019) and am looking for volunteers to get involved in the following areas

  • District Membership Committee – PDG Mike Smith is the current chair – but he does not have a supportive team to help him. If you think you would enjoy getting involved in various membership initiatives and would like to be considered to become part of Mike’s team  – then please let me know. For a  job description for the committee download it here 
  • Rotary Australia and New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE) – for several years Max Patmoy has overseen this scheme locally. He has now decided to step down from this role and we are looking for someone to be his successor and drive this excellent scheme forward. If you feel that you have the passion to see this program continue – and would like to be considered for this role - then please let me know. Details of the program can be found at
Kind regards 
Peter Maxwell 
District Governor 2019/20
Encouraging Your Rotary Club to Establish an Interact Club
Some tips on encouraging your Rotary Club to establish an Interact Club
What is Interact?
Interact is the junior arm of Rotary International. Young people, aged between 12 and 18  - our future Rotarians- learn about the way of Rotary in an Interact club that is generally attached to a secondary school.
District 9930 Interact Chair, Linda Bonne recently emailed all District 9930 Rotary Club Presidents and gave some ideas to help Rotary Clubs establish Interact Clubs within their Rotary Club.
Why establish an interact club in your Rotary Club?
Rotary Interact in Whakatane
Whakatane High School Interact Club is the ‘Youth arm’ of Rotary, a service Club for young people between ages of 12 and 18.
Our Interact club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Whakatane Sunrise, who provide support and guidance with our many activities.
Our Interact Club is chartered, meaning we are recognised as an official club by Rotary International.
Whakatane High School’s Interact Club welcomes any student of Whakatane High School that is interested in making a change in their school and their community. 
Governor Elect Training / Australia New Zealand Conference
The 27 District Governors Nominee from Australia and New Zealand met in Hobart on the 11th  of September
for three days of intensive training in preparation for our new roles.
"Rotary Big Wigs" visit RANZSE booth in Hobart.
Whilst working in the Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange booth in Hobart, 9930 District Chair Max Patmoy
was visited by some very high rollers. From left to right Elizabeth and Graham Jull ~ 9930 District Governor and wife, Max,
Raewyn Kirkman ~ 9930 Past District Governor, [next pic] Jenny Philips ~ Australian National Chair of RANZSE,
Bill Risley ~ Immediate Past World President of Rotary International, and Max
The State of Rotary Membership — Updated
The State of Rotary Membership — updated
The newly revised State of Rotary Membership presentation is now available. Viewing it, you’ll learn about growth, attrition, and the opportunity to enrich membership. The updated slides include 1 July 2018 membership data.
The 16-slide PowerPoint presentation can be given as is, or you can easily regionalize it to create a custom presentation for your members. 
Read how Sherri Muniz, Rotary coordinator for region 26 (USA), used this valuable resource, and discover other ways to use the presentation effectively. 
Watch a recording of the presentation with narration on our Vimeo channel. 
Rotary Otumoetai Sends Their Best
At huge expense the Otumoetai Rotary International Choir and Orchestra Music Initiative.
ORMIL Sighted at Rotary Kawerau
Old Rotary Man in Lycra from Rotary Kawerau. Angus and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge:  
Angus told us about his adventures in the rain.  ADG Scotty co-opted him into this totally new venture for him and Barney Gray lent him a bicycle.  
Three weeks of preparation with some training by our Dennis, a new pair of Lycra balloon pants, and he was into it!!  He started at the Motuoapo Marina with Kevin and Rusty egging him on.  Whoops, a flat tyre so he had to start again!!  Then it was all on for 40km in the rain --- a few falls later (as he wasn’t used to his feet clipped into the pedals) and the cheerful sign for the last 10km, and he crossed the finish line in 129th place with Gail, Tracy and Kevin cheering him in  The Rotarian tent was very sociable as he gathered his breath.  
Angus said it was an awesome day and he intends to do 80km next year.  
He has bought the bike and training has begun.  Go Angus Go!!!! 
Taradale Rotary Pack Books for Tonga
Last week the final pack-out of the school books being sent to Tonga was accomplished by what had now become a small, but accomplished team.
The photo shows Richard Hay, Bob McCaw, Robert Kyle, Mark Oldershaw, and Steve Winter. The same afternoon the team drove to pick up 5 cartons of books from Sacred Heart, which had been gathered up by Teresa Cowen, HOD Science.
The project team is indebted to Paul McGrail, ex-club member and Conroy’s dispatch officer, for coordinating the project with Conroys’. Paul is now working with Daniel Kull, who will arrange shipping to Nuku’alofa, the Port of Tonga, hopefully, to arrive before Christmas. 
Rotary Te Aroha's Christmas Humour
Those of you who are placing Christmas lights/ decorations in your front yards, can you please avoid anything that has Red or Blue flashing lights together? 

Every time I come around the corner, I think it's the police and I have a panic attack. 

 I have to brake hard, toss my beer out the window, fasten my seat belt, stop texting and throw my phone on the floor, turn my boom box down, and put my gun into the glove box. 

It's just too much drama for me, even for Christmas. Thank you, in advance, for your co-operation and understanding. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Christmas Fundraiser for Fairfield Rotary
Christmas Auction -  Assisting Children to School in Cambodia Last night at our Fairfield Rotary Club Christmas party we held our annual auction which was organised by the club’s International Committee. We received an overwhelming response from our club members and from our friends from the Rototuna club who also joined us.  
On behalf of the International Committee, Mike Grayson would like to thank you all for joining in and having fun at our auction. The number of people who came up after the auction and pledged $50 or $100 or some other sum absolutely surpassed my expectations. Thank you!  It is amazing how these sums add up. Thanks also to those people who offered or arranged prizes and to those who gave bids. Thanks to our wonderful auctioneer, Mark.  
We raised a couple of hundred dollars shy of $10,000 !!!   It is not an effort any of us take for granted. I think each of us can say this was truly a collective club effort and achievement. Essentially, this is why we belong to a Rotary club.  
Books, Books and Books from Rotary Otumoetai
In the last two weeks this club presented dictionaries at Merivale School and Brookfield Primary School.   A cheque for $2500 was also presented to Brookfield Primary School to purchase Duffy Books.   We've done some good work with these awards.   Student literacy is advanced in a personal way.   Brian Hodge and Keith McLeod, well done for your efforts, and to those who attended the presentations.
Rotary Youth Exchange ~ News From Around the World
Well, team, it is hard to believe that your year abroad is in its final three months before you all return home to your expectant families.
As time is marching on, I suggest that you tick off your final goals on your bucket lists and make the most of the coming weeks. I’d also like to remind you to maintain your positive attitudes and behaviours even though it may be tempting to let standards slip with home just around the corner.
Now is a good time to plan how you are going to thank your host families and you should also be prepared to give a final speech at your last host club meeting.                 
Remember to try and keep your Rotary smile on even when faced with challenging times including goodbyes.
One last thing, please mark in your diaries our Debrief Day, held in Rotorua on Sunday 10 February 2019 – more information to follow.
Best wishes
Kevin and Dianne and all the committee.
Rotary Te Aroha's Gem
 What a good meeting we had on Wednesday.  It was a pleasure to listen to Mikala tell us her background and aspirations, and great that we can nominate her for RYLA. She is a leader in the making.
Mikala spoke to the club about her life which we all enjoyed. She explained that she has a habit of putting her hand up for everything (school days: Junior forum, deputy for house captain yr 12, summer science application).
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue from Santa Graham. Don’t forget that the District website is fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
Editor Max Patmoy (
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