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Our Ever Caring District Governor's April Message.
April is Maternal and Child Health Month when Rotarians all over the world concentrate on this important Rotary Foundation Area of Focus.
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Rotary Polio News ~ March

March 2021

Rotary's Fairfield Project
The Fairfield Project is a community project, run by a committee of Fairfield community members who commit their time to the project voluntarily, recognising the benefits a project of this nature would have for the wider community.
In November 2013 with approximately 12 hectares of land surplus to requirements, the Board of Trustees at Fairfield College investigated the possibility of selling the land for a cash injection that would enable them to make significant improvements to the school. The idea was presented at a community meeting at which a counter-proposal was pitched to the Board. This proposal was a crude outline of what would ultimately become ‘The Fairfield Project’.
Rotary Cambridge Dinner
Get on the Bus Rotary
Rotary's Rhyming the Alphabet Project 
Rhyming Around the Alphabet is the latest programme from the Bill and Lorna Boyd Charitable Trust, complementing Dictionaries in Schools. The books assist preschoolers and new entrants to read.
Last week members of the Ahuriri Sunrise Rotary Club visited the Year 1 students at Te  Awa School in Napier to present them with a Rotary “Rhyming around the” Alphabet book, inscribed with their own name and that of the Rotary Club of Ahuriri Sunrise.  
It's All Downhill Now For Whakatane Rotary Club.
Blue Light, Whakatane MENZ Shed and Whakatane Rotary enjoyed a very successful and fun day on Saturday.
Our young folk and not-so-young had a great time. Lots of spills and thrills, some outstandingly designed and built trolleys and great fun had by all.
President-Elect Mark had to settle for second in his class this year even with his competitive nature.
Being the true sportsman, he is he was as happy as a sandboy anyway. In the end, it is still all about our young ones having fun in the outdoors.
World Rotaract Week
Rotary members around the world are celebrating World Rotaract Week from 8 to 14 March 2021
and it's not too late to join the party!
 Check out these fun ways to celebrate this week and the rest of the Rotary year.

Rotary Morrinsville Hears About Exceptional Policing
Aimee and Richard are members of the N.Z. Police Force and were our Guest Speakers.
Aimee has been in the Police Force for 15 years. Married to a Farmer and has a young family. Her responsibility in the Matamata Piako Region is Rural Prevention.
Their mission motto is “To prevent crime and harm through exceptional policing.”
Rotary's Interplast Raffle
The Earth Moved for Whakatane Rotary
Whakatane – Time Line 5 March 2021 2:27 am –
The earth moved for all of us when a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the East Cape, 100 km east of Te Araroa. It was very strongly felt in Whakatane and lasted for about 1 minute.
Some evacuated straight away and others used what-ever media we could to find out more and to await the assessment and instruction from National Emergency Management Agency, who in good time made the call that there was no Tsunami threat, so no need to evacuate.
Rotary District 9930 Changeover
Rotary Gisborne Hear Dr. Alison McFarlane
Guest Speaker – Dr Alison McFarlane stepped in at the last minute when the scheduled speaker was unable to attend.
Alison and her husband Ken have been long term GP’S in Gisborne. They have a daughter who is now a nurse at Three Rivers. Ken and Alison wanted to give back so went to Myanmar to teach locals about health care.
Myanmar has recently been in the news and is ruled by the military who are in complete control with powerful and corrupt mem. They worked with internally displaced people(IDP) who are refugees in their own country.
There is almost no medical care or education services as money goes to the generals. They have had civil war for the past 70 yrs with ethnic people fighting the military who are funded by China. Many children witness their parents being killed. They worked in an area of Shan Province that borders Thailand and is relatively safe area – the Shan ethnic army have won back this small part of the province with sacrifice. They are now developing a civilian government.
Every One in Rotary - Bring One
Rotary Dictionaries to Year 6 students
On Friday 26 February the annual presentation of Rotary Dictionaries to Year 6 students at Te Awa School took place at Assembly.
Club President Phil Crombie, Immediate Past President Lynne Trafford, President-Elect Graeme Dickey and Honorary Member Gail Spence, made the presentations.
When Phil was addressing the Assembly, he let slip that he was a past pupil of Te Awa School and that his father had been a teacher there.   
The Rotary Tauranga Great Duck Race
Rotary Run The Runway
(This isn't my normal type of review but I cleared it for takeoff anyway).
My 14-year-old niece is a sporting champion. At eight, she went to Japan and brought home gold for karate. Since then, she has represented the Northern Territory in karate, swimming and soccer. She was supposed to represent Australia at the world karate champs in 2020 but COVID. Accordingly, my niece has more medals,  ribbons and trophies than she can poke her golf club at.
Waikato Sunrise Rotary KidsCan Fundraiser
Postponed Rotary Golf
Well, that’s about all there is for this issue from District Governor Grant. Don’t forget that the District website is fully operational and you will find a plethora of information about Rotary, D9930 clubs, and all activities. Please take a good stroll through the site by clicking HERE.
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