A very informative session from guest speakers Dion and Carly at the Greenmeadows club, both are audiologists and partners in the company - Hearing & Balance located in Greenmeadows. 

Carly stated that six in every ten people over the age of 60 have hearing loss which can be temporary or permanent. Adults usually wait for ten years from when they discover hearing loss until they actually get hearing aids. People with hearing loss can avoid social situations and this can cause stress and in some cases depression. If you have hearing loss you are more likely to suffer dementia.

Audiologists work out which hearing aids will fit your particular situation. A month ago their company launched a product which is the smallest hearing aid in the world, and it stays in the ear 24/7 until the battery dies (maybe three months). He said that with the 24/7 earplugs you can have showers and even swim with them in.

Dion went on to explain about auditory processing disorder which is what the brain does with what the ears hear. Some of the outcomes need remote microphones and/or auditory training. This company also offers a balance service. They have comprehensive testing of all parts of the inner ear which is the balance system. They are only one of three clinics in New Zealand offering this service.

As a result of questions Dion answered that ACC require the hearing loss to exceed a particular amount before they will assist people who have worked in a noisy environment. Claims can go back as far as 1967, and you have to have worked in that noisy environment for more than ten years.

Dion stated that they offer free second opinions on all products, and they would not sell anything that they haven’t tried themselves. He also said that cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids is very important, and they should last six years.

As a result of another question, he stated that vertigo is caused by crystals in the ear that get dislodged and stop the fluid from flowing effectively. This means the brain can’t cope so you spin.
The most expensive hearing aids are $9,000 and there is more technology in them than a mobile phone.