What a great day out a group of 40 Taradale Rotarians, partners and friends had visiting the Cape Sanctuary.
With perfect weather, the two busloads were given some background history of the early settlement of the land and the three properties history.
The 10.6km predator-proof fence protects approximately 2,500 hectares and a number of endangered species have been reintroduced to the Sanctuary, and many native species have thrived inside the fence.
With the help of many volunteers, predators have almost been eradicated from the Sanctuary. There have been plantings of native trees to encourage birdlife, insects, weta, lizards.
We saw a Tuatara which was basking in the sun outside his burrow in his natural habitat. Such a wonderful experience. Many Kaka came down to feed once their food was put out. Fantastic to see the birdlife encouraged back following the breeding programs. Birds were also being bred for conservation and relocating to projects in other parts of New Zealand.
We are grateful the Rachel and Nadine our guides, and the two drivers who were all so knowledgeable. It was a great day our members will never forget as this property is not open to tours. Thanks to Claire for organising the day. Our Taradale Rotary Club donated funds some years ago to this project and we are pleased to contribute another $500 donation to the conservation programme.