An international bestseller, inspirational speaker and award-winning advocate Juliana became a member of our Papamoa Rotary on the 1st of December 2022.
How lucky we are, here in Papamoa. After becoming a paraplegic at 19 caused by a mysterious illness, Juliana began her journey as a spokeswoman for the inclusion movement, championing her way from South America to here in Papamoa.
After a 7yr battle with NZ Immigration Juliana has recently been granted her residency.
She doesn’t let anything hold her back. Juliana has succeeded locally and internationally, creating and directing TV show Make A Difference, short film If The Eyes Cannot See, The Legs Cannot Feel, as well as winning the award for Best True Story in Marie Claire Magazine and making her autobiography “In my chair or yours?”. I suggest you all go onto her website and read what you really “can do”.