Gina and Elmer Peiffer spoke about the way they support the local community, providing meals for the homeless people of Rotorua.
They also assist families in finding homes after being given 42 days to vacate their rental homes. They help source furniture, linen, cutlery etc for their homes.

Rotorua families tend to breed big – average 5 1/2 kids! So we are needing larger 3 to 5 bedroom rental homes in this area to accommodate these families.
Gina has heard of 11 kids living in a van, and says there are several places around Rotorua where people are living in cars – including every night at the Ngongotaha boat ramp.

Love Soup works with lots of agencies, to try to provide a ‘wrap around network’. This includes Salvation Army, Churches, community groups. They also act as an advocacy service to assist people daunted by dealing with WINZ etc. Sometimes this includes getting rent redirected from benefits, so the rent always gets paid.

A recent law change is helping Love Soup. Previously hotels weren’t allowed to donate surplus food. Now there is a “good Samaritan clause” which means that Love Soup is receiving more donations from hotels and supermarkets eg Countdown.

Gina spoke of some of the struggles & miracles, including making a ‘magic meatballs’ meal for 33 people using only 1 packet of sausages! That’s magic... 
Judy gave passionate thanks to Gina and Elmer. President Noel them presented them with a Community Service Award for their hard work for our community.