August is Rotary’s Membership Month
Members are the lifeblood of Rotary.
MEMBERS are our biggest asset.   
Membership needs to be a two-pronged attack;
  • Trying to get new members
  • Trying to retain existing members
The questions we need to ask –
  • Why do people join Rotary?
Is if for hands on service? Personal Growth? Leadership Development? Making life long friendships i.e fellowship?
What are their expectations?
What do they want to get out of Rotary?
There is little point in having 3 members walking in the front door but 3 walking out the back door.
Give your members meaningful responsibilities and get them involved from the start.
Members that have a positive Rotary experience are more likely to stay.
If your members generally enjoy being part of the club, you’re on the right path.  Is your club inviting and inclusive? If you put yourselves into the shoes of a newcomer to your club, what would be your impression??
It is time to make our clubs fit our members, instead of making our members fit our clubs.
Membership needs to be a continuing topic – there is no right answer or magic wand that makes it work.  We need to be open to new ideas and initiatives in this everchanging World that we live in.
INVITE     -       ENGAGE       -            RETAIN   -       HAVE FUN
Kevin Forgeson
District Governor
Rotary District 9930  2022-23
Mobile: 021 382 831 / Work: 07 878 8036