The month of February seems to have passed by a little quicker than other months. 
Maybe this has something to do with the month only having 28 days.  Or closer to the mark, all Rotary clubs are very busy. 
We are into the period where the ‘summer month’ projects are taking place while in the background preparation is now underway for the next Rotary year which is only 4 months away.
I congratulate clubs on the many well-run projects that are taking place. 
For us, the month started with Rotary Tauranga concluding a significant project involving the supply of ophthalmology equipment to furnish a dedicated clinic abroad the Marine Reach mercy ship Pacific Hope.  This ship will be away for months at a time providing much needed medical services to the people of the Pacific.  This project was made possible by our District seeding US$10,000, a significant personal contributor, funding support from Rotarians outside the District and the deal was sealed with a significant Rotary Global Grant.
Lucky Rotary Matamata who were favoured by the heavens for their annual Concert by the Lake on Sunday 19 February.  A timely break from a week of continuous rain and quick drying conditions created a very pleasant afternoon for all who attended.  The main act was the Lady Killers with the line-up including Suzanne Lynch, one of the Chicks (the blond in the photo) from around 50 years ago, who just happened to attend the same high school at the same time as I did.
Rotary Foundation knowledge was shared in a series of workshops held in each Area during the month.  Comment from those attending was very positive.  There was only a small team of presenters who travelled the District and this guaranteed consistency in the presentation content.  Many thanks to the presentation team for all the hard work in putting together the show and delivering it.  The thought is these presentations may be scaled down and given on a refresher basis in future years.
It seems that there may be some confusion about the timing of replies to Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), and Rotary Australian New Zealand Student Exchange (RANZSE). Applications closing day for Rotary Youth Exchange is the 31st  March 2017. District Selection Day for Rotary Youth Exchange is 29th April 2017. 
Applications closing day for Rotary Australian New Zealand Student Exchange is the 30th June 2017. District Selection Day for Rotary Australian New Zealand Student Exchange is 31st July 2017.
District conference is now a little over 4 weeks away – over the weekend 31 March to 2 April.  Special thanks to the many Rotarians and partners who have registered to attend.  We look forward to a great weekend at Whakatane.  There are 330 registrations but it is not too late for others to register to join us – but be quick as registrations close on Monday 20 March.  The website is  
Membership is the lifeblood of Rotary – without members, we are nothing.  Some parts of the world have suffered a gradual decline in membership numbers over many years, and one of those is New Zealand.  Reversing this trend is a high priority for our organisation with this year being the first year in a goal to achieve a net membership increase of 10% over 3 years in our District.  Our numbers were looking okay until the last 2 months when we’ve taken a bit of a hit.  Initiatives in place include a New Zealand wide National Membership Seminar taking place in Wellington on Saturday 18 March and this will be followed by a Recruitment Campaign with timings and details still awaited.
Are you aware of our District Membership Incentive scheme?  Clubs need to induct 4 new members (not transfers) during the 6 months 1 December 2016 to 31 May 2017 and $1,000 is available for your new members to invest as seed money for a new community project for your club.  A maximum of 10 grants are available and it’s not too late to lay a claim for a grant.
We have received a call for help from Rotary New Zealand World Community Services.  One of the responsibilities falling under RNZWCS is the supply and placement of Emergency Response Kits where needed.  These kits are equipped with basic essentials to provide aid in locations struck by natural disasters.  We are now into the annual cyclone season for the Pacific Islands.  RNZWCS advise they aim to stock pile kits at strategic locations so they can be speedily delivered when needed.  They report being under supplied with ERK’s at present and therefore there is a plea for clubs to contribute to enabling the purchase of more kits.  Each ERK costs $600.  Any help you can give will be very welcome. 
Thank you for making a difference with your contributions to Rotary Serving Humanity.
Keith Owens
Governor 2016/17
Rotary District 9930