Our club has been going strongly since 1947.
Since then our band of guys and gals of all ages has done a great deal of good in the community and had fun doing it!
Thanks to the our Rotary club, Thames has fabulous gardens at the public hospital, a cool refurbished park in front of the town library, a deck on the Plunket rooms and a great new fence on the frontage of the Treasury building. And that's just for a start! Further, Christchurch post earthquake has new facilities for students thanks to us. We have a cardiac defibrillator in a main street shop for emergency public use.
In conjunction with the local council, Lions and others the show “Women of Empire” came to Thames – one of only four places it can be seen in New Zealand. We certainly are active.
To raise the funds needed to achieve all this we carry out projects such as the Thames Market Day, stage sausage sizzles and raffles, provide assistance with Thames Race Days and run Bowls tournaments. Whilst raising the money we really have a heap of fun.
We have provided a large amount of support to young people of this area through a wide range of Rotary programmes, including leadership and driving courses, summer schools, TCDC Youth Awards and “Blue Light” fishing trips.
Our area has had more than its fair share of natural disasters and our club has assisted in areas further afield by sending Emergency Response kits to Vanuatu and Shelterboxes to Nepal.
We contribute every year to eradicating Polio in the world (in conjunction with UNESCO and WHO). Thames Rotary Club really helps the community.
Why don’t you join us – breakfast time, venue and contact details are on the right hand side of this page. Morning meetings have the advantage of a definitive end time so that members who have to go to work or an appointment can commit to that. You would be most welcome.
Thames Rotary meets
6:45am for 7:00am
Sperry Lane Cafe
Thames Hospital
(1st week each month)
6:00pm Richmond Villas
Richmond St, Thames
Postal Address
Thames Rotary
PO Box 38
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