Taupo Expresso Rotary is a vibrant, slightly irreverent, business-focussed club that meets on the first three Wednesday mornings of the month at the Suncourt Hotel 14 Northcroft Street. 
Laughter is key to our early morning start - 0645 for 0700 - and as our name suggests our meetings are speedy with formal sessions over by 0800. Those who don't need to rush to work head to one of Taupo's many wonderful cafes (as our name also suggests - we love good coffee) for a meeting after the meeting.
Supporting our community is what we love to do and is a major focus of our fundraising efforts. Held in February each year, we own and manage the Across Lake Taupo Swim event and in partnership with Taupo's Starlight Cinema, in November manage the annual Fireworks Extravaganza.  The net income from these events is used to support community groups with a particular focus on youth.
Other projects close to our heart include  the  Rotary Foundation, Shelterbox NZ and helping the Rotary Club of Taupo Moana with the Contact Energy Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. We're a flexible bunch and get involved with a range of other projects and causes as they pop up.
Greening Taupo to help protect our environment for future generations is a favourite NFP and we're regularly involved in planting projects.  Every day of the week we help out and help fund Mountview School's breakfast project. 
We like to help groups who help others and support Taupo Pathways and Taupo Anamata CAFE, organisations with a focus on youth development and support.   Financial assistance isn't the only way to help individuals and groups and from time to time we help by donating our professional services.
We're a social group, enjoy a good party, great food, music and have been known to raise the roof dancing the night away.  It's what happens when good people get together to do good things. Expresso is a small club with a big heart, altruism and respect for others is at our core.
We welcome visitors and new members.  Breakfast with Taupo Expresso Rotary is a great way to start the day.
Taupo Expresso meets
(First 3 Wednesdays of month only)
Victoria's Cafe
127 Tongariro Street 
Taupo 3377
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Taupo Expresso Rotary
PO Box 1129
Taupo 3351
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